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Activity Director: Frank Richards

Bullseye Pistol League

SaraSpa is a member of the Adirondack Foothills Pistol League. League competitions are shoulder to shoulder .22 conventional pistol matches.

Link for the AFHPL 2013-14 Schedule

Fall 2013 Bullseye League

Match Details

smith & wesson model 41The course of fire is a Conventional National Match course of 10 rounds slow fire, 10 rounds timed fire and 10 rounds rapid fire. The maximum score is 300. Individual awards are given at the end of each season for high score in each stage of fire and for the highest average both overall and within each of four classes. Team awards are presented on the basis of both scratch and handicap scores.

The matches are typically held weekly throughout the winter on Monday evenings.

Practice Sessions

SaraSpa holds Bullseye Practice Sessions every Monday night from 7-10 PM. Practice sessions are open to all club members, NRA members and members of the New York Rifle and Pistol Association. The participation fee varies from $3 to $5. New shooters are welcome and experienced members are usually available to offer helpful suggestions.


To get an idea what goes on in the Bullseye Activity, view the videos below. The first one gives an explanation of the equipment needed. The second shows a portion of a practice session.

Bullseye Basics   Bullseye in Action

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